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Networked Control Under Communication Constraints: A Time-Delay Approach Authors:K. Liu, E. Fridman, Y. Xia Year:2020


Introduction to Time-Delay Systems: Analysis and Control Author:Emilia Fridman Year:2014 IFAC Harold Chestnut Control Engineering Textbook Prize 2023 Corrections


Current Research


  1. Time-delay systems: analysis and control.

  2. Constructive methods  for averaging with applications to vibrational control, switched affine systems and extremum seeking.

  3. Using artificial delay for control.

  4. Finite-dimensional control of distributed parameter systems.

  5. Sampled-data and network-based control of ODE and PDE systems.

Major Interests

  1. Time-Delay Systems.

  2. Networked Control Systems

  3. Distributed Parameter Systems

  4. Robust Control

  5. Singular Perturbations



Top 1% cited articles in the field (according to ISI)

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